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SmartSDR™ for Windows Integrated Installer:1.1.3
SmartSDR™ for Windows
Release Notes:
PowerSDR™ Integrated Installer:2.7.2
PowerSDR™ Release Notes:2.7.2
SmartSDR for Windows Software User's Guide 1.1.3
SmartSDR CAT Software User's Guide:1.2.3
FLEX-6000 Hardware Reference Manual: 1.1.3 
FLEX-5000 Owner's Manual:2.0
FLEX-3000 Owner's Manual:2.0
FLEX-1500 Owner's Manual:2.0
FLEX-6000 Quick Start Guide
FLEX-6000 Handle Install Guide
FLEX-6000 Rack Mount Install Guide
FlexControl™ Quick Start Guide
FLEX-5000+VU5K Installation Guide
FLEX-5000A Installation Guide
FLEX-3000 Installation Guide
FLEX-1500 Installation Guide
FLEX-5000 RX2 Installation Guide
FLEX-5000 ATU Installation Guide
HRFIO-34 Installation Guide
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Upcoming FlexRadio Systems Events & Hamfests
(Raleigh, NC)

April 19, 2014
* - ARRL National, State or Division Convention

FLEX-3000 April 2010
AR Operator's Review

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FLEX-3000 October 2009 QST
Product Review

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FLEX-3000 August 2009 RadCom
Product Review

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FLEX-5000A July 2008 QST
Product Review

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FLEX-5000A October 2008 CQ
Product Review

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Hamvention 2014 FlexRadio Banquet 

Please join us for our annual FlexRadio Systems banquet to be held Saturday, May 17, 2014 where we will be serving up the latest on FlexRadio Systems products and what's new on the SDR front.  The banquet, held during Dayton Hamvention, will be hosted at the Dayton Grand Hotel from 6pm - 10pm.  Advance registration is required and the cost is $40/person which includes dinner.  Registration, cash bar and social networking begins at 6pm followed by dinner at 7pm and presentations at 8pm.

The Dayton Grand is located on 11 S. Ludlow Street in downtown Dayton; approximately 6.5 miles from the Hara Arena.  To register, click the link below.  We look forward to meeting you.

Register Now for the FlexRadio Hamvention 2014 Banquet

 SmartSDR for Windows v1.1.3 is Now Available for Download 

SmartSDR for Windows v1.1.3 is now available for downloadfor use with your FLEX-6700 and FLEX-6500 Signature Series software defined radios. This release contains several defect corrections and three new features.  

Below is a list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes in SmartSDR v1.1.3.

SmartSDR for Windows:
  • Adjustment control on CW Audio Peaking Filter. This control allows for adjustment of the audio peaking filter sharpness to suit different operating preferences.
  • Selectable spectrum averaging algorithm. A standard average as well as a weighted average that emphasizes signals rising out of the noise floor is user selectable by panadapter.
  • User defined radio display messages. One of three messages can be shown in the display of your FLEX-6000. You may now choose to show your callsign, a "nickname" that indicates the function of the radio or the model number of the radio in the console display.
  • Tune step and step size by mode. Selectable tuning step now occurs by mode and can be enabled for the FlexControl, mouse scroll wheel as well as drag and click tuning in the panadapter. This feature enables rapid tuning to frequencies that are multiples of your step size using existing tuning methods.
  • SmartSDR CAT v1.2.4. A new version of SmartSDR CAT is included with this release that improves operational stability.
For the details on all of the changes in this release, it is recommended that you read the SmartSDR v1.1.3 Release Notes (also packaged with the release).

PowerSDR v2.7.2 is Now Available for Download

FlexRadio Systems is pleased to announce the general availability release of PowerSDR™ v2.7.2 for the FLEX-5000™, FLEX-3000™ and FLEX-1500™ software defined radios. PowerSDR v2.7.2 represents another milestone in the ever continuing improvement of the PowerSDR software, providing new features and defect corrections that make your FlexRadio SDR better with each new software release.  

We recommend that all customers upgrade to v2.7.2 (see the links to the upper left).  PowerSDR v2.7.2 contains several new enhancements and bug fixes.  As with any new release of PowerSDR v2.x it is highly recommended that you review the PowerSDR v2.7.2 Release Notes before  installing.  This release of PowerSDR contains a new Firewire driver for the FLEX-5000 and FLEX-3000 SDRs and new firmware for all FLEX Series SDRs. It is highly recommended that you review the PowerSDR v2.7.2 Release Notes before installing to minimize any installation problems you may encounter. Please note that the Firewire driver in PowerSDR v2.7.2 is not backwards compatiblewith previous versions of PowerSDR 2.x that use the 4.x Firewire driver, but a workaround is described in the Release Notes.
Please review the section “Known Issues or Recommendations with New Features Included in this Release”, as there is new feature specific information that is applicable to the new Firewire driver.

While all the improvements and bug fixes are too numerous to detail, the following is a list of a few major changes since the previous official release, PowerSDR v2.6.4.

PowerSDR v2.7.2 Major Feature Highlights:

PowerSDR-DataTransfer™ now included with PowerSDR v2.x: FlexRadio Systems is proud to announce a development partnership with RNA Consulting Services, LLC to provide a FlexRadio specific version of their well respected SDRDataTransfer program called PowerSDR-DataTransfer™. PowerSDR-DataTransfer facilitates the migration of database or configuration information from a previous to newer version of PowerSDR. One of the advantages of PowerSDR-DataTransfer is that it automatically takes care of any database changes that may be incompatible from one version of PowerSDR to another.

Updated Firewire Driver: This version of PowerSDR contains an updated Firewire driver for the FLEX-5000 and FLEX-3000 software defined radios. This new Firewire driver contains some bug fixes and a few performance enhancements for Windows 7 and above. In addition to the improvements and bug fixes, this driver has been tested with and is recommended for the recently released Windows 8.1.

Enhanced Waterfall Display: Enhancements have been made to the waterfall display to provide a high resolution representation of the sampled RF spectrum which allows for viewing of signals with better granularity. By turning display averaging off, viewing fine detail of the RF spectrum in the time domain is now possible, eliminating the smearing of spectrum. Additionally, when display averaging is enabled, the default display averaging settings have been modified to display greater spectrum detail along with the ability to easily identify weak signals in the noise. A new checkbox option in the Waterfall section of the Setup->Display tab, "Enable Weak Signal Display Optimization" will adjust the waterfall averaging time and update period to provide the ability to see even the weakest signals at the noise floor.

TX Profiles by Mode Option: There is a new user selectable option that will remember the selected TX Profile by mode. When enabled, the TX Profile selection used for a particular mode is saved and recalled when that mode is selected again. The TX Profile Mode combination is maintained in the PowerSDR database so that it is active when PowerSDR is restarted. The default setting for this option is unchecked.

New Transmit Compliance for Japan and IARU Region 3: PowerSDR v2.7.2 has added transmit frequency compliance (TURF) for Japan. This change allows for CW (A1A) operation on the 4.63 MHz Japan National Emergency frequency as well as restricting 60m operation. To enable this feature after installing PowerSDR v2.7.2, you must modify your radio's firmware (TURF) for the Japan Region. To request this firmware modification, please submit a support type HelpDesk ticket requesting the TURF upgrade. In addition to the new transmit frequency modifications; a modified band plan for Japan will be created, displayed under the VFO displays.

Thanks to so many of you who have provided constructive feedback during the development process.  We would like to express our special appreciation to our internal alpha/beta team for their tireless testing of internal test releases.

 - The FlexRadio Software Development & Product Management team

FlexRadio Systems Announces the FLEX-6000™ Signature Series SDR

The FLEX-6000™ Signature Series transceiver is based on a new hardware architecture and SmartSDR™ software platform.  This new ultra-high performance software defined radio uses Digital Down Conversion (DDC) to convert from RF directly to digital and Digital Up Conversion (DUC) to convert from digital to RF.  The FLEX-6000 utilizes Spectral Capture Units™ (SCU) for the RF to digital conversion and an ultra high performance on-board signal processing and control system to perform demodulation and modulation, filtering, and audio stream management.  The result is incredible receiver dynamic range, ultra-low phase noise and phenomenal received signal clarity. 

The FLEX-6700 model transceiver utilizes two SCUs for reception from 0.033 to 77 MHz plus 135 to 165 MHz and the ability to create up to 8 full featured independent SLICE RECEIVERS.  Since the FLEX-6700 has two independent SCUs, it is capable of diversity reception.  The FLEX-6500 model utilizes one SCU for reception from 0.033 to 77 MHz and the ability to create up to 4 full featured SLICE receivers. Optimized preselector filters can be selected for the ham bands for greater out of band rejection. 

SmartSDR is the software “ecosystem” of the radio platform.  It organizes all the signal processing power in the radios into an advanced radio fabric.  SmartSDR understands the capabilities of each SCU and how to harness its power.  It also comprises of the “presentation layer” or light weight GUI client that the user interacts with.  Both the FLEX-6700 and the FLEX-6500 utilizes an Ethernet network connection for high-speed “driverless” access to the graphical user interface (GUI).

The FLEX-6700 and FLEX-6500 provides continuous duty 100W output across the entire 160-6m band along with an automatic antenna tuner (ATU) capable of tuning antennas over 10:1 range (3:1 on 160m and 6m).  Both radios are capable of very low power (~1-50 mW) transmit anywhere they have receive capabilities.

For more technical information on the FLEX-6000 series of software defined radios, just download the FLEX-6000 Product Brochure.

FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDRs are available now from our On-Line Store

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